Custom Modules Service

Anything you can think of, we can design and construct.

The flexibility to design your LED modules beyond the point of illumination.

Edison Opto provides design and manufactures advanced module customization services. In addition, we offer the L.D.M.S. “Lighting Design Manufacture Service” is a technical integration service. With the high efficiency/Intensity, PremiumCRI90+, and a long-life span of over 100,000 Hrs LM80 design and manufacturing service. We provide professional and complex design and customized service for any application, and performance, save production costs, expand their capabilities to news fields and more diverse projects without adding equipment or labor, and quickly gain a place in the market.

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  • LDMS provides vertical integration of thermal, electrical, mechanical, and optical solutions combined with variety of LED packaging options.
  • Services include OEM or ODM.
  • The AC Universal voltage module design compliance Title 24and Energy Star
  • Circuit design include the exclusive patented ES IC AC module and a DC high-performance one.
  • Color Tuning, Dim to Warm, Dual Color and IoT Function design available

Fast and Professional Custom Module service

Total 6 Weeks!

With over 15 years of experience in custom module development and manufacturing
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LDMS Solution

Our expertise encompasses L1 Emitter Package, LED Modules, Heatsink Implementation, and Circuit Design.
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Proficient in diverse lighting applications

  • Exclusive patented ES driver IC design module
  • Compatible for diverse interior lighting fixtures,   offering dimmable and CCT adjustable features.
  • Utilizes professional optical simulation design to   enhance light uniformity.
  • Integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DALI control   systems with IC circuit module to achieve low   flicker and TRIAC dimming.
  • Adhere to the standards of Title24 or Pst and SVM

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Design and Manufacturing Process

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IoT The Internet of Things

As a part of our complete customization service, we will design and manufacture any module or component to be compatible with any IoT platform you desire.  In addition, it is simple to integrate our components with any computer system.

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About Us

During the early stages of the LED industry, Edison Opto focused primarily on LED lighting as its main product. Initially, the company entered the market with medium and high-power lighting components. As the LED industry progressed from its competitive phase to more diverse applications, Edison Opto adapted accordingly. This involved exploring various niche markets, enhancing its research and development capabilities, and acquiring technical advantages. Over time, the company diversified its portfolio to encompass professional lighting products such as LED components, DOBs, AC modules, DC modules, automotive lighting applications/OEM service, horticulture lighting, UV (A, B, and C) special lighting, and street lighting.

Edison Opto Headquarters

Within the integrated developed service of lighting products and services, including LED components, thermal, electrical, mechanical, and optical (TEMO) technology, and design services. Edison Opto has offering end-to-end design solutions from component to module design, optical lens operation to finished product development. This vertical integration and design-focused approach aim to enhance product quality, foster innovation. To learn more about our company, please visit our website at