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New EMC-5050

High Visibility Range 1800K-2200K LEDs

EMC-5050 Chip

The NEW Edison Opto EMC-5050 High Voltage package are available 1800K & 2000K & 2200K CCT LEDs. They deliver high efficiency that provides energy saving by 40% over HPS light source. Moreover, Edison Opto Offer Smart dimming custom module design options are available. With higher lumen output compared to traditional HPS light. Eco-friendly, mercury-free, and compliant with DLC LUNA Standards. Longer lifetime and twice as durable.

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Type Order Code Size (mm) IF (mA) Typ ...Max P(W) Flux (lm) lm/W VF CCT Ra
2T040522A7024003 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 3.8 500-600 157 24 2200K 70
EMC5050 24V 2T040520A7024003 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 3.8 450-550 146 24 2000K 70
2T040518A7024003 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 3.8 400-500 136 24 1800K 70
2T040522A7030001 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 4.8 650-750 149 30 2200K 70
EMC5050 30V 2T040520A7030001 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 4.8 600-700 140 30 2000K 70
2T040518A7030001 5.8*5.2*0.70 160 4.8 550-650 131 30 1800K 70
Sky Glow Banner

DLC Luna-qualified Luminaires

Skyglow is light pollution caused by excessive artificial, blue-shifted lighting from buildings. Blue shifted light is a type of light with a wavelength shorter than 560nm. There are many harmful effects of skyglow on the environment. One of the more significant effects is the impact on migratory birds. Collisions induced by artificial, blue-shifted lighting kills millions of birds. Our EMC-5050 emits light at a wavelength longer and focuses on 560nm, making them ideal for reducing light pollution.

Wave Length Graph

How can I tell if the light source is long wavelength?

The graph on the top displays an acceptable wavelength reading for a long-wavelength light source (i.e., amber lamp), with wavelength readings above 560 nm or higher.  The graph on the bottom displays an unacceptable wavelength reading, with a reading below the 560 nm cutoff.

Custom Module Service

Edison Opto provides design and manufactures advanced module customization services. In addition, we offer the L.D.M.S. “Lighting DesignManufacture Service” is the integration technical service.  With the high efficiency/Intensity, PremiumCRI90+, and a long-life span of over 100,000 Hrs LM80 design and manufacture service. We provide professional and complex design and customized services for any application, performance requirements in AC and DC, and any shape.  We work with customers to simplify processes, save production costs, expand their capabilities to new fields and more diverse projects without adding equipment or labor, and quickly gain a place in the market.

Custom Module Diagram

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